Hawaii Society of Pain Physicians, LLC


The medical condition of Pain has been documented for hundreds of years, and has been treated in many ways, by both medical and non-medical individuals. Over time, the approach to treating both acute and chronic pain has changed within the medical community. Pain conditions have been misunderstood, and many patients throughout the years, have been stigmatized and judged, as a result of their medical condition of Pain.

It is imperative that physicians and other healthcare workers become more educated and informed about the current standards of care in the field of Pain Medicine. Pain Medicine specialists can assist as they have extensive education, experience and training in the field of Pain Medicine. Since, physicians and healthcare extenders will encounter patients who have pain conditions almost on a daily basis, healthcare providers can increase their knowledge to be more effective in their ability to treat pain, without causing problems of overuse and addiction, that are closely associated with this medical condition.

Recently, the problem of Opioid overuse and abuse, and unintentional overdose has put pain medications, and pain management in the forefront of healthcare news in local and national headlines. The solution to the current Opioid epidemic will need to be addressed in many different ways. However, one of the main ways that physicians, healthcare workers, patients, and the public can address this problem is through greater understanding and education about pain conditions. In recent years, there has been increased research in the field of Pain Medicine. This is expected to continue, with expectations that more treatments will become available, that can help manage painful conditions with less reliance on pain medications as a treatment option.

It is our hope as Pain Medicine specialists, that through education regarding Pain Medicine we can help direct care and treatment, that supports patients, and conveys the sensitivity and respect, that individuals who suffer with pain deserve during the treatment of their medical condition.