Pain Medicine encompasses a large specialty. Pain physicians have completed training in different medical specialties prior to their sub-specialty training in Pain Medicine. Pain Medicine specialists vary in their scope of practice and their approach to treating pain conditions according to medical residency training, their practice environment, and individualized approach. They are well educated in painful medical conditions, current standards of care, and offer a comprehensive treatment approach.

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                          FIND A PAIN MEDICINE SPECIALIST

Hawaii Society of Pain Physicians may be able to assist you with finding a specialist for your pain condition.


Assistance finding a pain physician that treats your medical condition.

A list of pain physicians in the area that take your insurance.

Assistance with a referral to a pain specialist.


Pain medicine consults to provide a comprehensive treatment plan for pain conditions.

Refer a patient for consultation, evaluation and treatment of pain conditions.

Interventional Pain procedures. There are many interventional procedures that help to manage pain conditions including epidural injections, nerve blocks, facet joint pain interventions, spinal cord stimulators, intrathecal pain pumps, joint injections, musculoskeletal procedures including regenerative medicine procedures.

Where to find resources about Pain conditions.

Information regarding Pain Management such as proper Opioid prescribing, pain management monitoring, resources.

Physician management of chronic pain conditions.


Pain Medicine and management education such as someone to teach a class, or give a lecture.

Are a healthcare worker but need more information?.

​Need medical legal consultation for pain medicine issues?

​Require pain medicine consultation for advocacy and legislative issues that impact pain medicine.